Frank Frontis

Frank Frontis

I am a writer/researcher/advocate in the fields of Inte- grative and Holistic Health and Integrative and Holistic Mental Health. Additionally, I am a writer/researcher/prac- titioner in specifically Energy and Spiritual health, healing, and wellness.

My involvement in Integrative and Holistic approaches toward health, healing, wellness as a student, writer, re- searcher, or practitioner actually dates back to my teen years when I involved myself in Yoga to bring healing and balance to myself, physically, mentally and spiritually. **************************

As important as the goals of health, healing and wellness are, I try to keep these in perspective based on a full spect-rum model tow- ard "Optimal Being." In such a model health, healing and wellness are simply the beginning steps, ones that set the foundation for Transformation and Transcend-ence.

Expertise BA in Journalism, along with Accredited Certificates of Completion in Integrative and Holistic Health, Integrative Mental Health, Energy Medicine; Additional Certificates Of Completion in Dianetics Mental Health and training as a Dianetics Auditor (Practitioner); Extensive studies in Spirituality/ Spiritual Healing, and Conscious- ness Transformation, Potentialities, and Transcendence. Beyond my areas of "expertise," I am just a "generalist"--oops, journalist-- capable of pulling out a pen (blue-ink gel, please) and writing on about any subject.

Skills Journalistic skills in Writing, Research, Interviewing




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